sLOVEenia indeed!


Autumn has been spewed onto the ground and all over the highways. Disbanded from their home, once a coverage above head now a blanket strewn across the ground. The vibrant colours of autumn still hang tight to some of the stubborn trees, however, the majority are underfoot.

Dragons rule the capital city of Ljubliana ‘the one of lovely appearance’, by one explanation of the name. The old Slavic myth states that the slaying of the dragon released the waters of the river and ensures the fertility of the earth. Fertility displayed in the scattered agricultural plots and of coast the green of the land. Green hills and mountainsides make it easy to be lost staring out the window.

In the north-west of the country is the National park Triglav. A beautiful and seemingly untouched area well known amongst hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts alike. This area, so calm and peaceful, should be on anyone’s list if it isn’t already.

Hiring a bike and riding around the area of Bled made for a fun and intense day. Free to move wherever your legs will take you allow exploration fo the lake but also the closest side of the national park which has many weaving rivers flowing out from the highest peaks within Triglav. Just a few Km’s from Beld lake is Vintgar Gorge, a river flows between two cliffs that reach high into the sky on both sides. The locals have built a bridge along the length of the gorge to make it accessible for all to visit and enjoy.

Bordering Triglav on the western side is Italy and the Dolomites, however, not before the Soča river. Ice blue waters pouring out of the national park and other mountains around it. The bottom covered in a grey/white stone making the colour of blue pop when amongst the trees and grey skies. A visit during Autumn only intensified the colours, with red and yellow leaves all over the ground and partially covering trees.

sLOVEnia indeed…

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