The Ocean

The ocean – vast,  deep blue expanse that leaves most with a smile and impressive visual display of light on the water. Laying eyes on the ocean, it becomes hard to look away – its colour, its strength, its power, and shapes that it so gracefully forms. But to be in the ocean is another experience in itself. You must respect the ocean and its occasional ferocity, those days it takes new forms with large broken swell lines and a surface as haggard looking as I feel in the mornings. However, given a clamer swell and the sun shining off every peak that rolls through, it becomes a magical place to spend your hours. So gracefully will it laps the shores of local beaches and caress the contours of rocky points. Dive in and experience the ocean. For me it is an overall calm that wraps around you and slowly streams through you. Overtaking any feeling or thought you had the moment before, the ocean demands your attention – and holistically so. No matter what she tells you on the surface there is a peaceful alternative that takes control as though it outlaws everything else from your body. Starting in your head and thorax you can allow yourself to feel the ocean adjusting you, fluidity of motion. Drawing anything prior to your submersion to your limbs and out through the extremities. You cannot escape it. The ocean is controlling yet accepting, powerful but graceful.

Go on, dive in. Submerse yourself and give in to the ocean. Allow its energy to take over and experience the calm that it offers beneath mysterious and ever changing surface. Relax into the flow of swell lines, watch the way sand rocks shift back and forth with the ocean as they have given in and come to rest. Come to be overtaken by, afford yourself the opportunity to let the ocean interact with you totally. Invigorating it is to experience the tranquillity that hides beneath the surface. Refreshing to allow the silkiness of water all around you. Take comfort in the only audible sound is that of the oceans energy lashing against and round the floor and objects around you. Develop respect and welcome the respite that is offered, the ocean cures all.

The Ocean has on specific location it is everywhere, graces the edges of lands and islands the world-wide. Encompassing about 70% of this striking blue planet that we reside on, you will not need to find one place in particular, just look for somewhere that the ocean meets our terrestrial landscape. A beach, a bay, a rock pool or a rock ledge hugging them all is the deep blue. In demand of your consciousness, all else falls by the wayside. That argument with a friend, the trivial frustrations that whirl through your head in a work day – thoughts dissolve in your submersion. Find yourself out of your depth and plunge yourself, open the eyes and do not resist the rock of the swell. Take regular opportunities to immerse yourself in the ocean and enjoy the abandonment of thought that it offers.

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