Somersby Falls


Want to escape the heat without scurrying for, the false security laden with crowds, air conditioning???

We all love to visit waterfalls, some more than others, somewhere inside of all of us lies the yearning to be in and around a waterfall. Some lust for the experience over and over again and some just haven’t realised it yet, maybe due to a lack of time or a strange cognitive bias you have developed due to our pop sensation friends TLC. Those who are willing to go looking may just find it easier than expected to find that which you desire.

The Central Coast of New South Wales, just 1 hour north of Sydney has a few cheeky little waterfalls which provide an easy walk into the wilderness or even simply refuge from the heat.

Somersby Falls is located just off the M1 freeway near the Gosford exit (north of Sydney). This little gem is very easy to find. Once off the freeway take a left turn onto wiseman ferry rd this will take you back under the freeway and into an industrial park. At the second roundabout take another left onto Somersby falls rd, follow this for a few kilometres. The turnoff to the falls (left turn) has a small brown sign on the corner. Cruise down to the carpark, which is paid parking as apart of the national park, or you can park just outside the gates and walk in to the carpark.

The two main sections of the falls are marked out as upper and lower falls, both these areas are great to come and frolic in the cascades and have a picnic with friends. Just like a choose your own adventure book, you have options with your activities. There is an abundance of rocky platforms to rest and take your mind off the world outside the of the natural environment you settle yourself into.

For those who wish to see a little more or are feeling like exploring, head to the bottom falls and follow your nose down the creek bed (note: the actual track stops at the bottom falls). After ducking and weaving over and under some fallen trees you will find yourself under a cool and green canopy of the trees above reaching for position in the sunlight.  Amongst the tree trunks and rocks wrapped gently in green moss, nature starts to thrive and takeover. Follow This, mainly dry, creek bed for about 500m. Here you will find yourself at the top of a cliff with water freely flowing over the edge and tenderising the rocks below. On your right is a small track behind the trees, using caution climb your way down the stairs to the rocks below. This is an area regularly enjoyed to ones self, away from families you are free to roam underneath the fall and around the rock pools at your own leisure.

Beyond this point, find out for yourself… A little more zig zagging through the undergrowth, some side stroking through rock pools and a little skip across the rocks and another rock pool awaits you. Dark water with an easy exit, a water hole fit for a swim. One thing for sure is you can guarantee a fresh rejuvenated feeling upon your escape from Somersby Falls.

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