London Town -Living in O’London Town

London: A place where fashion can never be wrong; the night can swallow you; and nothing is certain but for the expense. London Town, cold and grey, life rolls on day in and day out.

People get up in the dark, wrap themselves in what some call clothes and others call… blankets and saunter towards their nearest form of transportation. Tube stations like cattle droves, the only difference is we humans be willing, business men and bums alike all pile on squeezing themselves into each others personal space. Fog invades every street and alley during dawn and by afternoon the ominous grey keeps its distance. Close to a megacity by population and as of recently it is a place to call home.

The move to London saw a drastic change of pace. Life moves so fast in London. For some that means work becomes their rules and others take the opportunity to make a new start or find new hobbies. I have seen more pubs than grocery stores, this is a city easy for one to be perpetually drunked.

For me, thus far, it has been a whirl wind in which I am trying to find my feet. The people watching as been the best I’ve experienced in a while, from the quirky and weird to those that act even more important than any of those around them. Often I have found myself smirking at the inflamed sense of self some carry, more than likely having me branded amongst the weird.

Still fresh meat in town there is much I want to do and see of this sprawling city. Never have a been interested with living in such a large city, but in the spirit of new experience London is a place to provide them all. The gateway to Europe is still open and I am inside it!

Good caffeine be few and far between, but maybe I have been spoilt. Buying a bike and starting a gang (wheely fluffy) has proven to be a good decision. I can now pedal the streets and terrorise traffic between chosen destinations. My two wheels I hope to trade for wings many a time to find myself in new destinations. Hiking, running, climbing and swinging my way through more escapades.

London has been stated to be ‘entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics’. Over the next few months let me become a beautiful lunatic and the most brilliant idiot.


2 thoughts on “London Town -Living in O’London Town

  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh Aiden. Perfectly described. London will forevermore have my heart. I guarantee it will take a piece of yours too! As for great coffee and people watching (corner of old Compton and Frith Street in Soho for some amazingly interesting people) I have a tonne of tips. If you want them.



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